Sunday, 8 January 2012


I have been attempting to keep a sketchbook for a few months. I'm partly daunted by the word "sketchbook" as to me it implies that one has to be able to draw. I've been more reassured by other bloggers who think of their sketchbooks, as more of a notebook, scrapbook, jotter or aide-memoir. In that spirit, I'm therefore less daunted. These pages are sparking stitching ideas at present.


Several media used here: Inktense blocks, Inktense pencils, off cuts from Morley transfer dyed pages, permanent markers, and drawing instructions from Cart Before the Horse. Some of my birds look more like fish, but that could be interesting in itself.

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  1. I am more of a doodler than a sketcher, as you know, zentangling at times, but this looks like a relaxing idea: the pages look great too. Hope to see you tonight


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