Sunday, 1 January 2012

First stitching of 2012 - and it was difficult

Our quilt group's first meeting of 2012 is several demonstrations of different methods of curved piecing. As one of the demonstrators, I though I had better try out a few methods before doing my demonstration. Some of these were much more successful than others.

First, using the Creative Curves Ruler. While the cutting of the pieces using this ruler was super fast, easy and accurate, my machine sewing just didn't do them justice, and the sorry lot that follows were the result.

I think this ruler could be going to a swap near you sometime soon.

Next using the "drawing pin/ thumbtack" method for sewing circles. Good results and worth exploring for appliqué, but fiddly.

Losing heart a bit, next on to Dale Fleming " Pinless Piecing", adapted a bit here. Really smooth curves on a circle only 7.5 cm / 3 inches in diameter.

Back to trying traditional marking and pinning techniques on a long curve, too many wrinkles for my liking

Back again to the Dale Fleming method, using only one piece of freezer paper this time, beautiful, smooth, sinuous curves.

I'll be taking all samples along to the demonstration, in order that everyone can see the options and find their favourite method.

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  1. Well done you! Can you zap me the dates for the group meetings, so I can try and get to at least some of them!


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