Sunday, 15 January 2012

From thought to research to sketch to research to stitch

I really enjoy reading about the process textile artists go through to get from the initial idea through to a finished piece. I am becoming more disciplined in recording my source of inspiration, process and how this leads to the final piece.

Reading recently about the new stained glass in Sagrada Familia has coincided with a request for a fabric postcard on the theme of windows.
Asset 1032Stained glass 2

This led to more reading about the designer, Joan Vila-Grau and the maker, J M Bonet .

From there to a very simplified sketch, also trying out some of the shading techniques from "Drawing and Design for Embroidery, a course for the fearful"

Using some of the screen printed fabric from last term ( Manutex with Procion P painted directly on the screen) led to this


I'm happy with the final card, but the colours of the fabric appeared more vivid before outlining with the black stitch, perhaps this would have been better in a dark grey, or indeed not done at all.

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  1. Great to see the whole process, not much can beat a real stained glass window: I lovethe first pic! But your postcode is super!


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