Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Chihuly in London

If you see nothing else in London in the first quarter of the year, try to get to the Halcyon Gallery in Bond Street to see the Chihuly glass. This is the first major Chihuly exhibition in London since the incredible display at Kew Gardens in 2005- 2006. I visited that exhibition about 5 times, in daylight and at night, and it was an astonishing experience.

I did not have a great camera then, and was usually accompanied by 2 very lively boys, who did not mix well with an exhibition of glass, so my photos from that time are limited.

Chihuly Kew day 5Chihuly Kew day 4Chihuly Kew day 2005 1Chihuly Kew 2005 2Chihuly Kew 2005 3Chihuly Kew 2005 6

It will be a real pleasure to see his work again. Thanks to Kim for blogging about this and alerting me to the exhibition.

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  1. Annabell's blog (Annabell Serendipity) has some photos from there too, it looks fab!


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