Saturday, 14 January 2012

Back to Morley

New term, and some new members of our class, one rather dauntingly with an MA in Textiles and her own textile studio.

I spent today revisiting some printing techniques and adapting one of my screens to make the imagery less regular and more interesting.

Photo screen, image 1, with overlaid paper stencil of differing sized circles


Photoscreen, image 2, randomly overprinted multiple times

Also a quick few dips of pieces of the sheeting in the newly mixed indigo vat, so the colour is strong and vibrant. I love the immediacy of indigo, it goes with my lack of patience and love of the accidental ( in textiles anyway).

Resist with masking tape


Fabric tied on itself in large knots

Then an experiment of dipping a screen printed image in the indigo vat, to see what happens to the pigment paste if it exposed to moisture before curing.

It looks as if has faded, but this will only be clear once it is heat set.

If you are near Morley in the next two weeks, the jewellery and textile tutors have an exhibition in the Morley Gallery. Free admission, and a marvellous range of work to see.

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