Saturday, 28 January 2012

Seed pod?


During my textile printing course at Morley College, I have been amazed at the sorts of images I can generate, using simple techniques, because I believe I cannot draw or paint. This spiky seed pod / flower / creature was generated using a stick dragged through a blob of paint and the subsequent mark monoprinted on to fabric. The fabric was then photocopied on to tracing paper, multiple times, cut out and reassembled in to this image. The image was then used to make a silkscreen.

Old cotton sheet, silkscreen printed, then background printed with Inktense inks. Machine quilted with polyester wadding. Binding was machine embroidered before placing on to the quilt. Good effect, but I need to be more careful with placement of the stitching.

Additional photos show: the quilting better lit to show the loft; the back, first attempt with Inktense, too harsh and jarring;


  1. the piece of printed fabric is sensational and I just love the quilting it is such a beautiful surface.

  2. That is lovely! Is it really just one piece, the Colours look very different!


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