Thursday, 5 November 2015

Over a month since the last blog post.......

…...but lots has been happening.  Quilt exhibition, which was very successful with over 800 visitors and a hugely popular visitors’ choice.  I treated myself to a lovely pincushion , made out of a mustard pot.

Drawing continues, with one session in the gallery of the Islamic world at the British Museum.  What a treat to really immerse ourselves in the iconography of a different culture, and intriguingly to see that there are images of birds and animals in 16th century Islamic art.  I was fascinated by the use of script as a decorative finish on tiles.

Then for the past two weeks, working on a still life, in charcoal, with glass, tissue paper, reflective surfaces, hard and soft edges - so difficult, but I did enjoy the process.

Evolution of a drawing


Still life, charcoal Nov 2015

Still life 2, charcoal

Still life 3

Still life 4

Still life 5

Drawn from this, with two different levels of light between one week and the next.  I am happy with the result with the exception of the tissue paper , that needs lots of looking and practising in the sketchbook.

Still life

And in between, visits to Dorset

and inspiration from several exhibitions: Jerwood Drawing Prize


the thirteen textile group


Kara Walker at the Victoria Miro Gallery, and the usual challenging pieces at the Parasol Unit.  Always a pleasure to see the work in the courtyard at the Victoria Miro Gallery

Kusama spheres


Charles Avery, Tree, which was at Edinburgh when I was there in August.



  1. Wow, it was great to see the original items together with the fab drawing! The pin cushion is really pretty

  2. Thanks for sharing that drawing progress piece - engrossing to see how it moves on at each stage. You should be very proud of your drawing and of your continuing improvement! Wish that I shared your discipline!
    Great to see those photos of Lulworth and the exhibtions too!

  3. Would it have helped in drawing the tissue paper if it hadn't been colourful?
    Well done with the different textures and especially those tricky, distorted reflections.


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