Thursday, 19 November 2015

Drawing progression

Back to charcoal, more still-life, but thankfully, no tissue this time.  Our task was to choose a portion of the very large still life that had been laid out in the studio on the reflective surface and to draw this using only the negative space.  I liked the juxtaposition of the antler with the terracotta pots and decided to focus on the junctions between of these object.


Outlining the negative spaces in charcoal, and a gradual realisation that I needed to hold the charcoal further down the stick, to get an initial, less -defined line.  Lots of rubbing out.


Those small pots were not in the correct position.


But, i liked what was happening with the curve of the antler so focussed on the details in that.  End of Week 1.


Week 2, still can’t get those reflections, but a better understanding of “strength of line”  along the whole antler, and of conveying something of the nature of the smaller pot through differences in tone in the reflection.


Details of tonal drawing - antler reflection


Antler spike





  1. I love seeing your progress on your drawings - a learning piece in itself! Really love the way that you've built up the line and texture on the antler!


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