Thursday, 26 May 2011

A long time ago…….

…… a house far, far away, a mother booked 2 sets of 4 tickets to see One Man Star Wars.


Can I find them all?  Searched everywhere: the noticeboard where EVERYTHING is pinned up, well 4 of them were;  the green document box, where EVERYTHING is stored before filing; the filing cabinet, where EVERYTHING is eventually filed ( booked them so long ago, they could have been filed); the left hand drawer of the sideboard, where EVERYTHING that doesn't have a home is stored; the second kitchen drawer, where EVERYTHING kitchen related, that isn’t cutlery,  is stored; every bag that I have used since January , that’s a fair number of bags.  No luck.

So as a last resort, I called seetickets to see (!) if they could reissue the tickets.  As they had been booked online, I was not hopeful, expecting a litany of “ sorry madam but online bookings are fixed, blah, blah, blah…..  “. Instead, a very helpful bloke, just asked for the booking reference and reissued the tickets for pick-up at the theatre. no re-booking fee, no administration charge, nothing.  So if you need any tickets, and think you are likely to lose them, book with seetickets,

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Slipped and stitched

CQ May out of order 001

By the skin of my teeth, just completed my May offering for the Contemporary Quilt Group 2011 challenge.

Shibori, indigo dyed calico, hand stitched with linen and wool threads, 10 inches square.  Stitches were back stitch, colonial knots and staggered blanket stitch. Centre was blanket stitched, and then cut out and replaced off to the side as this fitted a May where several parts of  life have been a bit chaotic and difficult to pin down.

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Blogging break, (photo heavy post)

Life seems to have been rather hectic, but not filled with many textile- heavy items, except of course my younger son becoming a teenager.  What with party preparations

 Birthday and morley 013 Cake  crop Birthday and morley 015

and the sophisticated palate of a London-born 13 yr old – homemade sushi and sausage anyone?

 Birthday and morley 009 Birthday and morley 010 Birthday and morley 012

there hasn’t been a lot of time for these latest printing efforts at Morley

Birthday and morley 006 Birthday and morley 004 Birthday and morley 005

or these stitched samples for the contemporary Quilt annual challenge

 CQ and bird 001 CQ and bird 002

or yet another Jacqui Harvey back-stitched bird

CQ and bird 003

but there was time to enjoy an evening of chicken stuffing at Plum’s and to be overcome by opening the stitched picture commissioned from Stephanie Littlechild.

Based on this photo of my sons,

Ayr Easter 121

Steph stitched this 9 x 7 inch picture

Steph Littlechild image_0002

As she incorporated pieces and shreds of my own fabric from significant textile items that were precious to my sons when they were younger,  it invokes so many memories, I could look at it for hours.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Transcontinental swapping

I am taking part in a sewing challenge organised by the incredible Kandy of British quilt List on Yahoo.  This month’s was to create a long, skinny, mini quilt, dimensions about 8 x 24 inches.  At the end of each 2 months, you can ask for a swap with one of the other quilts that have been submitted.  This was my submission for April / May.  Hand stamped and hand embroidered circles, bordered with a gift of fabric that had been indigo then Procion dyed.  This one is going north, but still staying in the UK,

 Skinny challenge 2 004 Skinny challenge 2 002 

And the one below is what I will be receiving this time…. all the way from Helen in Hobart in Tasmania.  Can’t wait.


Wednesday, 4 May 2011

I wish I could be there……

It is rare for me to want to fly somewhere to visit an exhibition, but this one is ticking all of my boxes:

  • incredible design
  • superb fabrics
  • complex tailoring
  • immaculate construction…………………………………….

image image

image  image

  • …….and all a bit bonkers