Saturday, 7 September 2019

Two terrific exhibitions in London, but be quick - both finish on14th September

Landlines, a free exhibition at the Royal Geographical Society in Kensington is only on until 14th September. If you have any interest in man’s interactions with the land, and particularly the remaining wild land with which we live, this is a must. Fifteen artists - sculptors, painters, installation artists, drawings - who together form The Wilderness Art Collective.




The Royal Geographical Society also has one of those wonderful, almost hidden garden spaces in London. 


The hut is a recreation of the collapsible, portable accommodation used by Ginny Fiennes on her transpolar expedition.

In addition at The Menier Gallery, free, four artists respond to the River Thames.



The river Thames was glistening as I returned home.


Friday, 30 August 2019

Craftivist protest

Getting my jacket ready for demonstration tomorrow - 3 unicorns heading to the far right or 4 unicorns in an endless circle of stupidity? #craftivist#protest #StopTheCoup #CraftersAgainstTheCoup

Crafters Against The Coup jacket
Crafters Against The Coup jacket

Monday, 19 August 2019

Journal quilts continued, August, Brexit - has all hope gone?


Newspaper painted with a mix of red, white and blue giving a murky grey.

Flash of yellow fabric to celebrate the Liberal Democrat win in the Brecon and Radnorshire by-election, and to represent the conservative party majority of 1 in the House of Commons.

EU stars and blue thread showing inter-connectedness of 'just-in-time" delivery and manufacturing across the EU which the UK will lose access to if Brexit happens on 31 October.

Edged with black mourning ribbon.

Monday, 12 August 2019

Journal quilts continued, July 2019, Brexit, my hope is fading

Politics alert.
Painted newspaper backed with cotton woven interfacing: red, white and blue paint mixed to a drab purplish grey. Quilted with wave forms in black and white variegated thread, because the benefits of Brexit are patently apparent in the black and white arguments being put forward,  and of course, Britannia rules those waves.
Appliqued, foam, Brexit blue, unicorns disappearing up their own rhetoric and off to the far right. Note that the unicorns have no eyes to see.
Edged with black mourning ribbon.

Saturday, 10 August 2019

Journal quilts continued, June 2019, Brexit, another glimpse of hope

More use of painted newspaper.


Painted newspaper with a flash of black, red and yellow fabric to represent my husband and my sons gaining their German citizenship in June.

Paint is a mix of red, white, blue and yellow, giving a murky grey, quilted with £ to represent the financial speculation occurring around Brexit.

Edged with black mourning ribbon.

Thursday, 8 August 2019

Journal quilts 2019, continued, May, glimpse of hope?

Trigger warning - politics ahead.
The brief for the next series of journal quilts was that they had to include a substance that was not cotton, woven cloth. As the Brexit farce continues apace, I had to continue with this theme. That means that this series of 4 is neither pretty nor technically skilled  - rather like the current political environment.
I experimented with newspaper painted with acrylic paint, then  backed with fusible, woven cotton interfacing, before layering with wadding and backing.
Painted newspaper with a flash of green cotton to represent the successes of green candidates in the local elections, giving us some hope?

Paint is a mix of red, white, blue and yellow, giving a murky green - representing the state of my spirits.

There is quilting on this, it is just rather difficult to see, like the UK’s future outside the EU.

Edged with black mourning ribbon.

Monday, 5 August 2019

Four favourite things - fireworks, hot air balloons, quilts, sweet peas

What a weekend of activities that spark joy - no, not tidying, but getting out there and enjoying life. I know some of these activities are contributing to global warming, but while politicians refuse to take action, and the country spirals in to impending chaos, it is important to come together publicly and love life in all it has to offer.

Attending a “Balloon glow” 



Later, at the same venue, Abingdon Fireworks Festival, 4 different fireworks displays to music








Then a two visit to Festival of Quilts, too many photos taken, so another post will need to contain edited highlights. These were three of my favourites from the Modern Quilting category

Festival of Quilts 2019

Festival of Quilts 2019

Festival of Quilts 2019

I’m not a successful gardener, but sweet peas seem to throve, so many bunches picked this summer and more to come.

Sweet pea bunch - portrait