Thursday, 14 June 2018

Eigg 2018

I have been to Eigg again for a yoga holiday and the weather could not have been more of a contrast to my visit in 2017. Blue skies, turquoise water, sparkling sunbeams, sharply delineated skylines, rusty boats.









Lots and lots of rockpools and beachcombing





Inspiring this little work in progress




Friday, 18 May 2018

Must see exhibitions, local and worth travelling for

So much inspiration in visit to exhibitions in the past month.

Compton Verney for three exhibitions. The first an exhibition of one of my all time favourite artists, Eric Ravilious. His use of colour and abstraction of shapes is beautiful to analyse.

Eric Ravilious, ‘Midnight Sun’ 1940

The exhibition also includes the work of his wife and his friends.As this generation of artists were often trained as commercial as well as fine artists, a fair amount of the exhibition contains their work in publishing, ceramic and textiles.  The work of Tirzah Garwood, is terrific. Witty, poignant and colourful.

Long Live Great Bardfield, & Love to You All The Autobiography of Tirzah Garwood

On until 09 June.

At the same venue, “Created in Conflict” , work made by members of the British Armed Forces, alone, and in collaboration with professional artists. Interestingly curated, frustratingly, no photographs allowed, so I can’ show the great nurses cape, perfectly conventional on the outside, but covered with souvenir regimental patches on the inside.

Then lastly, the redisplay of British Folk Art. Lots of bonkers exhibits to make one smile.

There is so much to see at Compton Verney, it is really worth a trip. Transport links are improving, and there is a regular bus service. The grounds are beautiful, and the restored, deconsecrated chapel is a stunning, restful space.

Closer to home, “Charmed Lives in Greece”, free exhibition at the British Museum, on until 15 July.  Wow, what an explosion of colour, shape and heat. It made me want to go and book a holiday to a Greek island the minute I came out of the museum. The images on line really show why it is important to go and see paintings, rather than relying on reproductions. The painting below is a feast of intense blues, greens and purples not done any just by the reproduction.

Landscape, Hydra  by John Craxton  Arts Council Collection        Date painted: 1960–1961      Filler & tempera on board, 66.7 x 120.7 cm      Collection: Arts Council Collection

Another favourite, Kurt Jackson at Messum’s in Cork Street until 25th May. The theme is “Olives” and the heat just shimmers off these paintings. Some collage pieces and bronzes. The gallery is very welcoming to non-buying enthusiasts. My favourite is below, but this gives no indication of the mount of texture and density in the paint.



Sunday, 29 April 2018

How long does it take to make one?

This question is asked often by non-stitchers. I wonder if painters and sculptors are asked the same question, or is it just understood that those art forms have their own timescale, and it may take years for a piece to be considered as finished.

I am asking myself this question as I will soon return to Eigg a year after my first visit, and realise that I am still piecing the “waves” inspired by the colours of the sea there.

Placed on a re-purposed linen sheet, I hope i will finish enough arcs of the waves to finish this quilt when I come back.

Wales 2018

Saturday, 28 April 2018

Treasures from nature

I am back from a rejuvenating week in Ceredigion, staying in an Edwardian railway carriage, directly on the coastal path. Mixed weather, from glorious sunshine

 Wales 2018

to rain

Wales 2018

to freezing fog

Wales 2018

but with enough opportunities to gather some treasures from nature

Wales 2018

Wales 2018

Wales 2018

and marvel at textures and colours

Wales 2018

Wales 2018

Wales 2018




Monday, 9 April 2018

The human quilt stand

While quilting the blue splash, I applied some of the lessons from my drawing teacher and looked for areas on this quilt that look unrelated to the rest of it.  The borders need more relationship with the central blocks.  I added circles in three sizes into the borders and the human quilt stand helped me assess if this is a good idea or not.


I’m still pondering so have not stitched these down yet.

Saturday, 7 April 2018

Spring is here

The sheer pleasure in being bathed by sunshine, seeing colour everywhere

Peach blossom - in London!



Roadside flowers



Sharp shadows


Seen at Ham House, where I went to see he beautiful stitching on display in the costumes from A Stitch in Time. There until 29th April.

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Easter quilting

More daylight, an Easter weekend with no commitments and too much rain to do any gardening led to plenty of time to get quilting on the blue splash quilt. After auditioning several complex designs, I decided simple is best for the blocks.





I’m contemplating more complexity in the borders after re-reading Freemotion Quilting by Judy Woodworth.