Thursday, 19 November 2015


This year’s journal challenge has become a chore rather than a pleasure. I think this is because apart forth consistent size, I have not set myself a theme, but have just made any old thing that chimes with larger projects I have on the go.  A lesson to pay attention to I think for next year, if I take part.

September, corny

Corn journal

Inspired by a drawing of a corn cob.  Hand dyed cloth, highlighted with bronze fabric paint, appliqué, embroidery, machine quilting.  A bit squat for a corn cob, but with a squinted eye, could be interpreted as such.


  1. Yes, at this point the JQs do become a chore. I agree that having a theme or some other kind of self-set limitation makes it easier, or at least engages the warrior spirit as we seek to find solutions. The new challenge for 2016 could be a whole new ball game?

  2. I love the detail of the silks on this corn cob. Interesting that not having a theme is making it more of a chore - hope that you can find a suitable theme for next year if you want to continue them!

  3. It's definitely a corn on the cob. Sorry you're not enjoying it 😕


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