Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Embroiderer's Ledger, task 2

Next task is to separate out some shapes from the image, draw them and work with the extracted colours to explore them further.

I couldn't get anything beautiful out of the mountains in the background -that's the attempt at the side. As I was drawing, I realised that I wasn't happy that my shapes were looking like peculiar breasts, so I've simplified them. ( Any advice on how to convey the twisting in the dominant yellow shape from the image would be greatly appreciated. I've tried to draw it in with the yellow and orange shape here, but it isn't too my liking yet.)

I really like the possibilities of overlaying of shapes and blending colours, but that may be beyond my technical capabilities. Trying to match colours under artificial light is tricky, so I'll need to do something about the quality of the light under which I am working. The colours are actually not as bright as this on the page, I'll try to re-photograph under natural light.

It takes me a while to get in to the swing of these exercises, but once I do I am really enjoying them.

Next step is to stitch in to these shapes.


  1. Those shapes are looking rather organic to me. It will be great to see them stitched into - fascinating.

  2. Ah ha, I'd missed the previous post, so couldn't grasp what you were trying to do, but now I get it, this is working really well. I think you need more shading on the gold twirly things, that might give it the 3D look you are after.


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