Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Am I a professional now?

Our biennial quilt show went off superbly this weekend. Over 600 visitors, a good sum of cash raised for the Royal Marsden, and much pleasure given to all. Our venue always looks strangely empty when the quilts are hung, as it is so large, and there is a bit of a last minute worry as to whether there is enough for visitors to look at.

Finished quilts from the Jan Hassard workshop.

However, when people start coming in and appreciating the space that there is to get a really good look at the quilts, both close-to and from afar, those worries are put aside.

I was working on Friday so came in to the exhibition on Saturday to see a "SOLD" sign on one of my small quilts, which was very exciting. And the excitement continued through the day when I sold two more. Not enough to give up the day job, but glimmers of that portfolio career appearing.

The proceeds of this one are going to charity as the design is by Pat Archibald and it is not my own design.
River Race, all my own work, design and fabric dyeing, ( far left) also sold.

As did lower right " Unexpected item in the thinking area".

Visitors' choice can be seen on the Richmond and Kew Quilters Facebook page, and hopefully this week, on our website.
A great few days and thanks to all my friends who came to visit.

Afternoon sunlight reflecting through the stained glass on the pillars above the quilts.


  1. Well done for the sales, I especially like the sunset one, is that the one Georgie fell in love with too? Maybe you could do a class for us? The show was fab, well done to all

  2. Well done Avril. There will always be a place for talent and artisanal production in a world of mass-produced goods :)



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