Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Morley morsels

Busy day today on the heat press, testing out the painted papers prepared last week.  The top one shows fingerprints and drops of water in lower left and cling film applied to wet dye on the top right.

IMG 0209

I was pleased with the colour mixes and with the effects of some of the papers.  These prints are all on a lovely drapey polyester.

Underlayers of orange dye, with overlay of dark teal dots ( a serendipitous result of a an error - painting the dye on to greaseproof paper)

IMG 0208

Overlays of dark turquoise on orange explosions

IMG 0207

Turquoise lines on orange explosions

IMG 0212

Trees cut out of painted papers and then printed over orange explosions and dark turquoise dots

IMG 0206

Whole pieces taped up for contemplation of next steps

IMG 0215

Pollarded trees in the Morley gardens seemed to be fitting in with the theme today.

IMG 0210

IMG 0216

Out tutor also referred me to the work of  Sally Greaves-Lord to study for homework, so lots to do.


  1. Some lovely effects here - love the serendipitous dots!


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