Wednesday, 1 January 2014

From the scraps of 2013 to the horizons of 2014

Last year I kept all of my minuscule scraps to try to pretend I was a "real quilter" - you know, one who uses old fabrics and recycles them into something glorious, rather than one who starts with glorious fabrics and just turns them into something else.   I randomly  stitched these scraps into blocks ( crumbs they are called by some) and used the strips left over form the Dr Who quilt to make sashing.  On this miserable, rainy, blustery day, what better time to show progress so far.  Photos need better light, but that's not going to happen today.  Blocs are about 7.5 inches finished.



Back - fabric that it is at least 10 years old.  This year's resolution is to use really old stash fabrics  - as that then assuages the guilt at purchasing items like this.




I have layered this with hi-loft wadding for a different look and am finding this really tricky to quilt evenly - choosing circles doesn't help either.


Happy 2014 to all.


  1. Well done you for starting the New Year with some splendid sewing. I must tackle my bag of half finished crumb blocks at some point!

  2. I don't know what I love more, the sashing, the blocks or the backing - all fab!


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