Thursday, 1 August 2013

CQGB Challenge, June, EH9, political awareness


Breakdown-printed recycled cotton sheeting as background, commercial stencil applied with Markal painsticks. Machine quilted with postcode and various quilting patterns, hopefully reflecting the ripples of positive change that can occur when individuals act together.

When I was a student it was in the turbulent late 70s. I went on several demonstrations and although never a member of a political party, I have continued to act on behalf of causes I believe in. I believe there is little point in moaning about something if you are not prepared to offer time, money or moral support to get it fixed.


  1. It wouldn't have occurred to me to look for a clenched fist stencil! Love the techniques and passion behind this, Avril.

  2. Such moving piece. Congratulations it really is fantastic.

  3. Oh - love this! Must crack on with mine!!! Argh!!!


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