Sunday, 28 July 2013

Contemporary Quilt Group A4 challenge, May journal at last, EH8

I found it very difficult to get down to these next 4. Too many memories stirred by the first 4 I think.


Hand embroidered panels, machine quilting to mimic cortical folds.  Border fabric is on Sky Dyes fabric by Mickey Lawler, machine quilted with the postcode and with feather motifs.

This represents the left and right side of my brain when I was at university. Doing a science degree, my days were very full of formal teaching, I did not pay enough attention to making sure that I had enough outlets for creativity . The right brain has the brighter and more varied colours, larger thoughts surging through the cortex. Plenty of right brain activity going on in my life now.


  1. That is fantastic! really very clever.

  2. my first thought was two brains, but then I talked myself out of that and wondered if it was a maze of some sort! It's come out really well


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