Thursday, 1 August 2013

CQGB Challenge, July, EHI, Royal Connections


July EH1 Royal connection

Experiments with colouring white sheeting with various crayons and pencils: Inktense pencils ( sky), Artbars ( skylight windows), watercolour paints( walls), watercolour crayons ( roof). Houses traced with biro, then quilted, both with walking foot and FMQ. Postcode quilted into the sky.

I think my favourite is the watercolour crayon as it just sinks into the cloth and then blends beautifully.

Edinburgh University had a large and varied portfolio of property available for rent by students. One of my last flats was on the Royal Mile, right next to Gladstone's Land,( owned by the National Trust for Scotland) and about 2 minutes walk up to Edinburgh Castle. It is now part of a set of luxury holiday flats, so presumably, no longer owned by the university.

I had a very, very small room, and it was still really difficult to keep it warm due to the stone walls and draughty, but authentic, windows.

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  1. That's a lovely piece, golly the quilting is good, no evidence of biro or over stitching on the windows! From student accommodation to grand apartments, yeah, figures!


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