Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Japanese loveliness

One of the advantages of working central London, is access to free, after-work talks and events.  They seem doubly free when you don't have to pay for a train ticket to get there - all psychological I know.  So yesterday evening, saw me at the Japan Foundation for a talk by several of the artists who are exhibiting at Cloth and Memory (2) at Salts Mill in Yorkshire.  The room was full to overflowing, and many of my lovely Morley friends were there.  Kim of Flextiles has put up a great blog post.

I was feeling a bit ambivalent about making the effort to go and see this exhibition, but it is now on my list of must-sees.  I missed the most recent exhibition" Lost in Lace" curated by the same curator, Professor Lesley Millar and have regretted it ever since.

Next up, hopefully, this talk on 16th September. 


  1. a definite advantage of working in London! off to follow the link, thanks x

  2. Thanks for the mention - it was great to see you! Shame we didn't have more time to catch up - maybe next time!


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