Thursday, 15 August 2013

London Day Out

Although I am now back working in London, I still love a day out viewing art in venues new to me.  One of these explored today which, before I travelled there on public transport, I could not understand why I hadn't visited before , was Dulwich Picture Gallery, to see the exhibition A Crisis of Brilliance.  This was in preparation for some work on next year's Morley course, which will have a First World War theme.  The exhibition was just the right size, about 5 smallish rooms, drawings and paintings, and possible to get really close to the work.  Some of the pieces on display are very famous, like Stanley Spencer's self-portrait, but others are not so well known.  I loved the whole thing, and it reminded me how much I enjoy the work of the artists of that period, and those that cam a bit later, like Ravilious and Bawden.  

I'll be off to the Imperial War Museum next , particularly to see Paul Nash's painting " We are Creating a New World".


An unexpected bonus in the gardens were two ancient mulberry trees in full fruit, absolutely delicious but leaving murderous-lookng red stains on hands and lips.  I can see why these have never become a commercial crop.  Topped off by a coffee and a muffin in the wonderful cafe, a great morning.


Then off to the London Glassblowing Studio, stopping off en route to look at the vertiginous job of cleaning the windows on The Shard.



When we got the studio, Louis Thomson was making a piece.  The heat from the furnace was astonishing, and we were sitting well away.    Another refreshment break at the cafe of London Fashion and Textile Museum, but not enough time to visit the Zandra Rhodes exhibition.  Another wonderful day full of inspiration.



  1. In have a little confession. I lived 15 years in East Dulwich and never visited the Dulwich Picture Gallery. Please don't tell anyone.

    I did however, visit the National War Museum galleries on several occasions. I love the collections there.

    And you have just mentioned Ravillious, one of my all time favourites.

  2. WW1? Tough subject. Look forward to seeing what you do at Morley. Love the sound of your day - but particularly love the window cleaning photos which will be shared with my DDs later - they are endlessly fascinated by the shard, and I feel that it's only a matter of time before I'm nagged into paying out for 'the view'!

  3. wow, you do get around! mum and i are going to London next week aiming for Greenwich to see Lisa, any textile / craft venue suggestions for us?


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