Thursday, 15 December 2011

Week of wonder 3

The power of getting myself organised to get to " The Power of Making" at the V and A.

Power of making suitcase

Lots of thought provoking work here, focussed on the actual making of objects, rather than on their purely artistic value. Some of the most striking were those with a medical focus, such as the beautifully structural prosthetic leg.Outfeet prosthetic leg 3 K31mp 18770

More disturbing was the life-size baby made out of marzipan
Marzipan baby

This was a visually stimulating exhibition, but I'm still not sure I understand the overarching theme yet. To me there were some noticeable omissions from the world of making, particularly in glass.

Next up, the new acquisitions gallery, and some wonderful creations, first of all a chair taken to its minimum form

Another chair made with offcuts from Issey Miyake " Pleats Please " fabric
Pleats please chair

Wild fabric in an Alexander McQueen dress
Alexander McQueen

Enormous steel screen by Wendy Ramshaw. The images seen through the perfect optical lenses are wonderful.

Some time spent in the V and A shop, and a little " to me from me" present in the form of a zip with laser-cut florets along the tape. What a great embellishment for a rather boring closure.

Gazing at the shapes made by the London Eye while waiting for the train home, there's a quilt design in here somewhere.
P1070852London Eye

Back home to start some Xmas biscuit making.
Italian tea bread 2

End of a wonderful week. (Thanks you to technohubby for the blog sort out).

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  1. I'm having a lovely time reading your posts! I'm loving your week in London ones, I miss living there in the winter and the galleries and museums. Beautiful photos you have taken and shared. thank you :)


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