Monday, 19 December 2011


While my younger son was ill, I needed something to persuade him away from only electronic stimulation. Rummaging in a cupboard, I found some of my family's old Spirograph kit and some of my Spirograph compositions, dated 1971.


These have inspired some stitching on to the centres of the long-term Dresden plate project.

Initial testing with washable fine marker pens

Three Dresden plates with hand embroidered centres ( back stitch and French knots) using Rainbows thread, expensive, but worth it.


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  1. I love these, I don't remember having my own as a kid, but I bought them for the girls, including battery operated ones, but not as satisfying as the originals, and I love th idea of embroidering them, I wonder how easy it would be to programme the machine embroidery!


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