Friday, 16 December 2011

Morley Montage

Our final session for this term was last Thursday, so a fair amount of last minute printing went on , along with a good lunch at The Three Stags.

I had made a furoshiki bag from some of my printed fabric, after seeing them at the V and A , gasping at the price, and after much pondering, and web-searching, found a way to make my own version. I took this along to Morley, and my classmates were very complimentary.

Furoshiki bag 1

The art work, shown a few posts ago, has now been transferred to a permanent photo printing screen. I still find it incredible that I started with a blob of paint, made some scratch marks and under the guidance of our great tutor, Marian, have some up with an interesting and unique image with which to print.

Much printing later, these are Thursday's results.
Seed case detail 2Seed case print 1Seed case mottled printSeed case print 2Seed case print pink 2Seed case print pink2

The paper cut has now also been transferred to a permanent screen. I thought I would prefer this image, but it has turned out not to be the case. It seems more limited in scope, not lending itself to overprinting, and unforgiving of mistakes.
Swirls monoprint pink 1Swirls print  blue detailSwirls print blue

No class for three weeks, I'll be bereft. I have brought some dye home, so hopefully there will be some time in the Xmas mayhem for some experiments.

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  1. Wow! these are fabulous!
    I especially love the first prints!
    Happy Christmas!


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