Saturday, 10 December 2011

Week of London wonder, day 1

As I've said before, living in London can be a trial so it is important to do things that can only be done in London. In this spirit, I used up some leave this month to " do" some exhibitions. First up, Grayson Perry " the Tomb of the Unknown Craftsman" at the British Museum. This exhibition has had lots of publicity, and it is well worth seeing. The selection of objects from the museum, and how they are juxtaposed with Perry's work was very interesting. It was wonderful to get such close-up views of the large pots, and to see that Perry has worked in lots of media, including iron, bronze and, better known to me, embroideries and tapestries.

Perry vase

Am I a philistine and a pedant to be irritated at two spelling mistakes on the amazing large tapestry? Or am I missing some artistic statement?

04 graysonperry 602

Lunch followed at the superb London Review Bookshop and Cafe. Lovely lunch and lots of more unusual books to browse from less well-known publishers. Some Xmas shopping done, and then on to the Contemporary Ceramics Centre for a drool. Designers who caught my eye were,
Lara Scobie, Emily Myers ,Merete Rasmussen, Sophie Cook, Matthew Chambers, particularly his incredible , seemingly nested bowls,

Anja Lubach'
s rather unsettling porcelain skull / rose bowls, 2010 10 08 Anja Lubach MG 1512

Sasha Wardell
's astonishingly translucent bowls
300 dpi S WardellaL
Penny Fowler's graphic bowls
6 large bowl with sails

Ikuko Iwamoto
's translucent pieces
Tea light

None of these pieces are compatible for a small house, shared with two teenagers and an active dog, so no purchases.

More drooling back at the British Museum shop, where the buyers seem to have a more edgy approach than the V and A buyers this year.

Emma Jackson, cobweb felt

Emma Jackson
Margo Selby, beautiful, tactile scarves

Anne Selby, even more tactile scarves

And heading away from pure textiles
Yu Ping Lin, origami jewelery

Zoe Hillyard, ceramic patchwork
Zoe hillyard

A visit to the Socialist bookshop, and a find of a second hand copy of the Alabama Studio Style book, with all templates and the pattern.

A great day, and almost too many wonderful things to digest and cogitate on. Day 2 , coming soon.


  1. Isn't it great being a tourist at home - great use of a day off

  2. Sounds like you would have needed to put your feet up by the end of Day 1 - I'm looking forward to hearing about Day 2! Love the patchwork ceramics.....

  3. I went to a talk by Grayson Perry at the British Museum last night - very entertaining! He said that someone on the BM staff had also pointed out to him that he'd spelt "titillation" wrongly.

    And I was also admiring the Emma Jackson scarves in the gift shop! :-)


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