Sunday, 28 June 2015

Obsessed, me?

Perhaps, as the weekend has produced this 14inch square.  Cotton, two layers of 80:20 wadding, 60 weight thread.  All white stitching on one side, and mixed white and blue stitching on the other.  I marked the circles, the grids and the main radiating lines with washable blue pen and quilted them with the walking foot.  I then just quilted the rest freeform.  It has still to be trimmed to its final size.  Looking at it with a critical eye, it would be more balanced by lining up the middle row of diamonds with the very base of the circles, but live and learn.
White thread
White and blue thread


  1. Obsessed? Hardly at all! Lovely quilting again, Avril.
    I've been quilting too - I've got three 15" squares to fill on my wall quilt. One down, two to go, but not as puffy as yours, as only a single layer of wadding. x

  2. That's stunning, I want to touch it!


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