Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Click… in two senses of the word

An art day today.  First a visit to the Jerwood Space to see the work of  two new artists, in Jerwood Encounters.  Interesting pieces of work, but I'm not sure that they really said much to my psyche.  Then to Tate Modern for a quick art-based shop, and a great photo of the now filled-in crack, by Doris Salcedo.  I can't believe that it is 8 years ago that my lads had such a great time interacting with this piece.


Next to Bankside Gallery to drool over the prints on display, particularly those of Norman Ackroyd, Meg Dutton, John Duffin, John Bryce and Jeremy Blighton.  Close by, the sun had come out, I think that is the window cleaners at the top right.


After all that stimulation, we then studied tonal drawing at Mary Ward, and I really think something finally clicked about assessing tone, resulting in this, of which I am very proud.  Pencil on a graphite powder ground, about A2 size.


Still has many wonky bits ( and I doubt whether that table would stand up on is own) but real progress.  Thank you Sophie.

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  1. Oh gosh, I love that article about the crack! Well done on the sketch (I've liked them all mind you) is the table Formica with s bit broken at the corner? It reminds me of tables in grotty cafes, and exam tables at school!


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