Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Return to drawing

I am back at the Mary Ward Centre this term, for a mix of drawing and painting.  This session was a refresher on measuring size and proportion of objects and transferring them to paper using the sight size method.  Our tutor, Sophie, encouraged us to use a bamboo skewer as a measuring tool, and  certainly found this much more consistent than using a pencil.  We chose a series of objects, gradually increasing in complexity.  I did enjoy this when I got to the "flow" stage.
Pencil drawing, plant pot, vase and bottlePencil drawing, plant pot, vase, bottle, jug
Looking at these boards in the studio, I ca see why I was completely take in by the work of this artist  at the Mall Galleries earlier this year.

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  1. You weren't happy with some bottles (jugs? bowls?) last yearr but these are looking fab! (The link goes to a gallery of pics, which one was it you liked?)


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