Sunday, 24 May 2015

Quilt exhibition - don't touch!

Our quilt group is having its biennial exhibition from 23rd until 25th October this year.  A perennial question at such exhibitions is how to align the wish for attendees to touch the quilts with the need to keep said exhibits clean and undamaged.  There are always the ubiquitous white gloves, and the inevitable questions to those who are wearing them, summed up in this witty post.  The " don't touch" signs always seem very off-putting, so I've been pondering a better way to get the message across.

Exerimenting with freezer paper stencils and Markal paintsticks again, I've come up with these little banners that can be touched.  I can get about 4 good prints from each cut stencil, and can also use the stencil cut letters as masks.



Lost the comma from the letter masks.



Although this first example is machine quilted, I've layered up 5 of these as travel projects for over the summer.



  1. Had a lovely giggle reading about the WGL, and I really like your "touch this" banners x

  2. Brilliant idea, fabulously executed!


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