Thursday, 26 February 2015

The magic that is "Texturemagic"

In the spirit of "use it or get rid of it" I tried out a piece of Texturemagic that I have had in my supplies for a while.  The results were so intriguing, I incorporated them into my journal challenge for February.  

Straight line stitching on hand-dyed velvet

CQGB February 2015 unpadded texture magic

Stipple stitch on hand-dyed velvet

CQGB February 2015 unpadded texture magic

Stipple stitch, with a layer of wadding on hand-dyed velvet - this one looks really like brain coral

CQGB February 2015 - padded texturemagic

and all three samples incorporated in to the final journal ( 6 x 12 inches), with a piece of quilted, but non-textured velvet at the bottom for reference.

Avril Horn CQGB February 2015

This was very easy to use and gave really interesting results.  The edges of each sample were a bit of a challenge to keep straight at this size, but a larger piece would be much easier to handle.  I think this one will need a big " Please do not touch" sign at our exhibition in October.


  1. How do I not know about this stuff? Amazing results, I love it.

  2. Really interesting! Have you tried stipple quilting with shirring elastic in the bobbin? That can give some interesting results too, although with similar 'edge' issues. I've used narrow strips of interfacing along edges when I wanted 'clean' edge to join to something else, but I'm not sure that you could do that with velvet without crushing it.


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