Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Round robin, quilted cards and painting

Lots of small bits of creativity going on around the big project.  First of all, the round robin top.


I am so delighted with how much thought and effort the participants put into these blocks.  Each has a little narrative describing how they reached their designs, and i'll get those typed up at a later date.  Our quilt show is in October this year, so I'll need to get cracking with this one very soon.

Also for our Quilt Show, I'm on a card-making marathon to raise funds for the group.


Sorry for the angle on the next one.


I'm also getting more confident with the painting course, this week, painting in tones on a coloured ground.  In the studio,

Tonal painting on coloured ground

from this object

Jug for tonal drawing

and then at home,

tonal drawingo n a colooured ground, at home

wonky, and the bottle is very foreshortened, but recognisable, from this arrangement

Still life


  1. Wow! A creative marathon indeed! Love your paintings - you must be very pleased with them! Beautiful cards too, well done!

  2. The painting is really coming along, well done! The cards are looking great And I love the ideas for the flags!

  3. The paintings are fab Av...channelling 'Masterpiece'..oh how we loved that game!


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