Sunday, 8 February 2015

Improvised printing

I have been trying to find a good surface on which to do more fabric printing.  The best combination so far for home-based, restricted space, seems to be the broad ironing board, with 4 layers of blanket, and a layer of calico.  Yesterday's experiments were more roses on the blue dyed cloth with Liquitex fabric paint ( applied to the stamp with a brayer) in two blues and a mixed purple.  Good transparency with these and the hand of the fabric hasn't changed much. Good wash-resistance as well, tested this morning.


I then got very improvisational and rolled the remaining paint, diluted with water,  from the brayer onto unpinned cloth on the printing surface.  I like how industrial this looks.


I'm going to use this bit in a journal quilt.


Today's sunshine is a welcome contrast to the sky earlier this week.



  1. Nice! What did you make your rose stamp out of? Like the effect of the 'play' later on too.....


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