Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Sorting, finding, finishing, viewing

Inspired by Margaret's posts about sorting out her studio, I am continuing the sort out in our own house.  First up, how many pencils, pens and felt tips can one family accumulate?


A pleasant hour spent sharpening, scribbling, doodling and writing, has reduced this to more manageable and functional proportions.  Storage was in a set of little wooden drawers, that before scrubbing and sanding revealed this little bit of graffiti, hidden on the back of one of said drawers.


What a pleasure that must have been to know that is was there, and that your parents didn't know.

Sharpenings have such great colours and shapes.


A couple of pieces of embroidery are now postcards


and a birthday present - can't be revealed yet.


Two exhibition visits yesterday, to the wacky vegetables of Patrick Laroche, very colourful and good fun.  On view until 31 October.


to the rather more esoteric offerings at the Threadneedle prize  for figurative art in the Mall Galleries ( on until 11 October).  There is a good review of the exhibition on the Making a Mark blog.

The shortlisted works were very impressive, but only a few of the other pieces caught my attention.  There were two stitched pieces by Tom Jean Webb, interesting, but I'm afraid the finish of the stitching put me off.  The little pen portrait by Pablo Garcia Martinez on a Post-it note was technically amazing to me. The piece I wanted to bring home was Pendennis Point through the rain by Jack Davis.  Painted on aluminium, this medium really worked for the light on the water and the contrasting rain.  The ?????? piece was  a painting , I think, depicting some masking tape stuck to a wooden board.  The artist Alastair John Gordon, paints trompe L'oeil paintings, so I had to believe hat this was a painting and not only some tape on a board.

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  1. Sharpening pencils is very satisfying! I haven't worked out anything to do with the shavings though :-(. The postcards are great and the idea of a painting of masking tape rather appeals to me!!!!


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