Friday, 3 October 2014

Found and finished - fingerless

Found at the bottom of a bag of cloth and thread, some long abandoned knitting in the round.  

In the 1980s, I did lots of knitting, particularly the patterns of Patricia Roberts, as I was horrified at how much these cost to buy in the Covent Garden shop.  As this was before digital photography, I don't have any photos of my creations to hand, but favourites were Scrabble, spotted here, Cats and Dogs, spotted here and Grapes, spotted here.  

The finish it urge lasted through an episode of " The Honourable Woman" and these are now complete.



( Note the emulsion paint manicure).  The yarns were a random dyed sock yarn in dark - mid blue and another space dyed yarn in grey, brown and blue. This was my own random pattern, hence the odd twist to the bottom half of these.  Long and warm.  I would really like to make a pair with this " Mind the Gap'  yarn, but the maker is not currently active.


  1. They look great, well done fir finding, and finishing! the rubbing makes them look as if they have fingers. As (for obvious reasons) a non love wearer, i think fingrless gloves are a far invention! !!

  2. More finishes?!? Crikey! Well done - they look lovely!


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