Thursday, 3 January 2013

Kaleidoscope kontinuing

At least the rain has meant plenty of time for composing the kaleidoscope top.  I am really enjoying this, although there were some nerve wracking moments with the last round when the strip-pieced block turned out to be too narrow, and I had to insert another strip in to the middle of the block.

Kaleidoscope , round 4, with some of my blue / brown hand-dyed fabrics P1000491

Round 4 , detail P1000492

Round 5 P1000494
Next is stitching together each wedge, hoping that my cutting has been accurate throughout. Fingers crossed.

My return to work yesterday was eased by driving alongside a beautiful sunrise.  Still can't sort out this formatting issue, but I am remaining calm.P1000498 P1000499


  1. Beautiful photos! Almost the same colours as your lovely kaleido, just paler...... You have obviously been influenced by the winter palette!

  2. Oh gosh, I hoe you can get thse sections together before they get moved! Looking lovely!


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