Monday, 21 January 2013

Journal challenge 2013, choose a theme, any theme…..

So this should be straightforward.  Select a theme for 2013, on which to base this year's journal quilts, each of which is to be 12 x 8 inches in a landscape format.  So far, I have written notes on

  • there are places I remember, exploring 12 of the addresses where I have lived.  As these have all been in the Uk, it doesn't give much scope for riotous explorations of other cultures, and there may well be memories that I really don't want to commit to cloth.  However, I've evidently been mulling this over as one of the addresses I had forgotten flooded back to me today.

  • foods that are part of my personal history, from pear tart, via limeade and on to pitta bread pizzas and flapjack, this could be a rich seam


but are these themes likely to lead to pictorial outcomes, which I want to avoid?  If they don't head to pictorial outcomes, will I be able to convey the full sense of what these addresses  / foods meant to me, and indeed what they mean to me with the hindsight of today?

So  perhaps I need a theme that can be interpreted in a more abstract way?

  • learning to draw.  I'm determined to try to learn to draw to a higher standard this year.  How to convey this in textile and stitch?
  • changes.  My family has a lot of change ahead in the next two years,  most planned, but some not, how to evoke this?
  •  a single word in all its manifestations, e.g. Pipe: drain pipe; ceci nest pas  une pipe; pipeline; piping ( with three different meanings); piped music?
  • maps and what they mean to me?
  • 150 years of the Underground?
  • metal gates, grand and mundane?
  • colour studies from my memorable photos of 2012?

The deadline to declare a theme is 15th February, so I hope I'll have sifted through this lot by then.


  1. Wow some great theme ideas. How do you sift?

    I love maps too, but there could be a connecting thread to some of these ideas - 'journeys'.

    Sorry, just a thought!

  2. Maps appealed most to me, that could include places you've lived and the underground as well as mapping a life journey

  3. What interesting ideas - almost a project there in how to choose a project! Did you know that 'Map Man' has been repeated on BBC2 on Saturdays? last week was the Underground Map.

    Good luck with the choosing!

  4. My vote is for pipes. But then, my own topic is olives! I think what lies behind my choice of topic is the possibility of combining the little quilts into one larger one - linked by the colours.
    You have so many possibilities in your list, all of them appealing - but of course you've got to feel comfortable about how you're going to deal with the one you choose...


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