Thursday, 9 February 2012

Transparent transfer

There are so many options with the heat press. This exploration was cutting shapes from the wax-resist, painted papers, and then using these to transfer to a whole piece of cloth. Overprinting to exhaustion, ( me and the papers) and allowing the dye to penetrate two layers of cloth at the same time, or interleaving it between two layers, led to this piece.


Are these chocolate eggs or Maltesers?

The background for this was very, very white, so I boiled it in tea…….for much longer than I had planned due to trying to do too much multi-tasking. Luckily enough it did not boil dry.

Unfortunately, this fabric is full of static electricity, or I might have draped it artistically around my shoulders in an Isadora Duncan sort of way.

Next, I'll be using painted papers that had cling film laid on them while still wet. Hopefully this will give some random, organic shapes to play with as shown here for watercolours. I've found a polyester pashmina ( charity shopping again) that will be transformed by this if all goes to plan.


  1. LOL, I didn't see chocolate, but pebbles, this would look awesome quilted. I think it's my favourite of all your pieces, although I think I've made that claim before!!

  2. Just happened upon your blog and have been enjoying your work/play. Lovely design on your fabric, but I wouldn't have considered maltesers or chocolate eggs if you hadn't suggested them! Also enjoyed seeing your other dyed fabrics (really gorgeous) and art quilts and other projects.
    best from Tunisia,


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