Saturday, 4 February 2012

In-di-go, it's magic

With apologies to Pilot, but the tile of this post expresses my continued amazement at what comes out of the indigo vat. This week, some cotton jersey, stitched with over stitches and running stitches while watching " The Ghost" and then taken to Morley.


The small hole was due to over-vigorous tugging at the stitches on the wet cloth - lesson learned. The middle section is a bit "tie-dye" for me, but I like the effects at the two ends.

And then today, a find in a charity shop, Nitin Goyal velvet scarf, my favourite colour, and lots of texture. If the temperature drops as forecast tonight, I'll be wearing this one round my neck tomorrow.


Hope you're keeping warm.



  1. The indigo is fab, the charity find is awesome, and the snowmen made me laugh!!! Do you think we'll get snowed in tonight?

  2. I think that the 'tie dye' bit is gorgeous too! Lovely. Hope that you are making full use of the scarf today, although I'm told that it's warmer than yesterday.....and I can see signs of melting snow on our vine.


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