Sunday, 26 February 2012

Flocking off

So, after the hugely stimulating mornng, we all dashed back to the studio to get a few hours in. Marian had shown us how to use flock in the heat press last week. I can't find a good link to the materials or process we used, but I'll try and describe it.

White flock is dyed with Procion MX dyes and left to dry. It really seemed to soak up a lot of dye, so took ages to dry. The required fabric is mounted on to the printing table and glue is applied to the fabric with the screen. The glue is allowed to dry. The flock is then placed right side to right side with the fabric and put in the heat press for 30 seconds. The flock backing is peeled off the fabric leaving the flocked image behind.

The results were lovely, not like hideous flocked wallpaper, but the texture doesn't really show up in these photos. These were flocked on to polyester fabric that had been pre-printed with the transfer-dye painted paper prepared with cling film overlay.


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