Thursday, 13 October 2011

Waxing and “P” ing

Today’s task was to further explore batik, on a different fabric, using Procion P dyes, rather than Procion MX dyes.  I brought in some viscose, mixed up a blue and a red, then I was off.

Procion P dyeing 001In this first example, the wax was not warm enough and so did not penetrate the fibres to give enough of a resist.

Procion P dyeing 002

Warmer wax, and much clearer delineation of the wax circles. Blue applied by brush within the resist, and then red applied with a sponge brush over the top.  Procion P dyeing 004

This gave an interesting mottled effect on the wax circles when it was washed out.

Procion P dyeing 003

On the lower part, I brushed the red around the wax circles, rather than over them, which left the turquoise blue as its original colour.  Lots to explore.

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