Thursday, 6 October 2011

Morley manicure

Batik 008

Hands deep in dye today to try out some wax resist batik.  I loved this technique, but again found it difficult to get my head round the outcome of the layering of resist, dye combination 1, then resist again, then dye combination 2.

Batik 007 Batik 005 Batik 006

I think my initial marks were too fine, but it’s all about trying these techniques out, and learning from experiments.  This green was supposed to be a subtly shaded turquoise blue.

Batik 004 Batik 003

Also such a great discussion at the beginning of the class about the history of colour and dyes.  I got the first book from the Morley library and have ordered the second one through our local library.  So much mental stimulation.

image image


  1. Hi Avi,

    Great to see you enjoying something you are so passionate about. If you can find 15 minutes in your busy schedule watch to remind you how right the decision to do this course is.

    Love Wylie x

  2. Great fun, and great results for the fsbric, if not your hands!!!

    I saw a post on Pinterest where they had used Elmer's Glue (= pva?) to write words on a tshirt, then dyed it, then washed out the glue do the words stayed white and the tshirt was pink!


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