Saturday, 6 November 2010

Stuffed and stitched

Great Morley class this week, making overly-stuffed calico samplers and then using these to experiment with hand embroidery stitches: bullion , blanket, French knot, running and chain.  Samplers are about 8 x 6 inches and the overfull stuffing gives a very tactile object to stitch in to. Intriguing to see the different ways people manipulate these stitches so they become a sewn signature.

  Stuffed and stitched 002Stuffed and stitched 007

Stuffed and stitched 005 Stuffed and stitched 004

Stuffed and stitched 006


  1. Hi!!!

    This is lovely - made me think of the zentangle idea of doodling, but a tactile version which is much nicer. have you got any plans for it?


  2. Lovely! Now I want to run away and make a snail shell shaped one to try out myself.....wonder how I'd stuff it, though?


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