Thursday, 11 November 2010

Morley monotone, leaves and libel matters

White on white experimental stitching, and I’ve finally conquered bullion stitch. Stitched on calico, with white cotton Perle no 8 thread.

Morley white and leaves 015Morley white and leaves 016 Morley white and leaves 017Morley white and leaves 020

Morley white and leaves 014

Incredible leaves picked up on the way to Morley. I’m attempting to preserve these colours using the method suggested by Isabella, of ironing the leaves between waxed paper and brown paper.

Morley white and leaves 001Morley white and leaves 013

Lastly, off with younger son tonight hear Simon Singh speaking. The libel law reform campaign is still live, as another physician has had a libel case brought against her for questioning the claims made for a cosmetic cream. Not only that, the Sense about Science campaign has been requested by the manufacturer not to publicise her case. If individuals want to spend their money on these products, fair enough, but it is reasonable to ask to see the evidence on which claims of efficacy are based.

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  1. Beautiful - looks like a fabric jigsaw, I love it!



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