Sunday, 21 November 2010

Pattern or Form….. which am I?

Interesting discussion at Morley on Wednesday about whether one responds to pattern or to form.  After struggling to work out how to turn two flat pieces of fabric in to a doughnut shape ( or torus to use the correct term) and having to be shown hoe to invert one over the other to obtain the correct shape, I am definitely in the pattern rather than the form category.  Reassuring to be told by the tutor that the majority of people fall in to one category or the other, and that very few respond to both.

In London yesterday to see the amazing papercuts by Rob Ryan at the Air Gallery


Great to see that so many had sold as they are astonishing.  It was also intriguing to see the framed papercuts  alongside the screenprints of the same cuts.  The papercuts have so much more dimension, even though they are all cut from a single flat surface.  Way beyond my price range, but some designs are available here at more accessible prices.

Rob Ryan Four Seasons plates (set of 4)

Detour on the way home to the Halcyon Gallery to see sculptures by Lorenzo Quinn, and then to The Opera Gallery to see the paper and Perspex pieces by Pavlos. Like gigantic quilled paper sculptures, the colours were striking

PAVLOS  - Quatre Chemises

Interestingly photos from London on Saturday seem to support the pattern categorisation.

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  1. Sounds like a lovely day! I love the Rob Ryan stuff, SO clever!



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