Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Trees and feathers

The deadline for the textile piece to be submitted to the Made at Morley exhibition is next Tuesday, therefore yesterday was the last full day in the studio to get the pieces of cloth ready.  I thnk it is there, but the final reveal needs to wait a bit yet.

Tree textile mosaic

I am really pleased with the colours, shapes and patterns on these fabrics.

I have also been practising quilted, freehand feathers, using two different methods.  This is the back of the quilt, about 42 x 50 inches I think.


Bump back method - needs more practice


Double-tracking - is that the right term?


and feather of a different kind to be attracted to these new bird houses near Morley.




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  1. Oh I love the bird houses!!! Your feathers are pretty fab too, and I'm intrigued by the teaser photos!


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