Tuesday, 18 March 2014


….is the theme for the Contemporary Quilt Group challenge this year.  I have never entered before, and as I am not doing the journals this year, have decided to have a go at this.  Several notes to self already:

  • read the size requirements before cutting out the piece ( 120cm x 50cm)
  • read the size requirements again before planning the design
  • was all applique fabrics before using, even if you think you have washed them before
  • Markal paintsticks get very soggy if you leave them in the sun
  • size 60 machine needles are very fragile
  • Glue sticks get even more soggy that Markal paintsticks in the sun
  • Applique pins are very small, and even if they are embedded in a carpet, can still damage the feet of family
  • there will always, eventually be a use for tools that  are bought at quilt shows

Still, getting the size wrong meant that I had a ready-made "handling piece" that needs to accompany the finished quilt.  

I have always fancied making a Baltimore album quilt in a contemporary way, but know I won't have the patience, so this is a take on contemporary Baltimore, in a size I know I will finish.

Glimpses are here:

Paintstick stencil, this is about 8cm long


Hand and machine appliqué ( using a combination of methods from Beth Ferrier and Sew Much like Mom)  Circle is about 2.5cm diameter - this is the best one!


Applique pièces ready to stitch down.



  1. Avril, I am helping organise this year ( though I haven't done much yet!) Christine did such a good job last year that I thought I should learn from the master. We have another team member - Ruth from oop north! I'm really looking forward to it.

    It will be juried, but the criteria are very vague, not least because I don't think anyone knows yet how big the gallery space will be. We not doing this. It will be Amanda - the exhibitions person on the CQ committee + 2 trainee judges I think.

    You put me to shame. I'm still thinking and planning my quilt!! Must crack on after this weekend!!

  2. Wow - this is already looking very impressive! I definitely wouldn't have the patience!


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