Saturday, 29 March 2014

London - signs and quilts

We have a German orchestral exchange student with us for a week, so my sewing room has to become a girl's bedroom for now.  As the sewing machine packs away in to a Horn cabinet, it was quite quick, but i needed a textile fix somehow.  The contemporary Quilt Group AGM  was at the right time.

On the way there, a selection of London signs, old and new, with some intriguing spelling of foreign food

London signs two

Then, at the meeting,  a chance to see some of the journal quilts in the flesh.  These did not disappoint.  Ninety six of last year's journals will be on display at the Creative Stitches event at Excel next week, and I will be there stewarding on Saturday 5th April.





The speaker was an intriguing artist, Elizabeth Tarr, who was a new name to me.  Elizabeth works with indigo and stitch on brown paper, taking her inspiration from her travels and from favourite paintings, including a long series based on Las Meninas.




  1. Thanks for sharing! Hope exchange student visit goes well and that you are back to creating your own textile loveliness soon!

  2. I just can't do everything, so sadly this was the event that had to give, but it does sound as though it was a fab day. I love those signs!!

  3. You are so good at finding interesting stuff going on in London, hope it's working out having another female in the house !


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