Monday, 1 July 2013

Back to quilting's roots

I am drawn ( literally ) to quilting's roots at the moment and have a bit of an obsession going on with freeform feathers.  When I started quilting, these seemed completely unattainable to me.  With the generous on-line help from skilled quilters, particularly Diane Gaudyinski, Sharon Schamber, Leah Day and Patsy Thompson, I've progressed through drawing….


although those right hand plumes look a bit more like segments of a satsuma now, this could be a new trend.

To stitched 6 x 4 samples





These samples were stitched on 80 / 20 wadding, with Bottomline thread in both top and bobbin, and with a 70 needle.  Once I'd got the tension sorted out ( using that finger thing on the Bernina bobbin case that I didn't know why it was there) this was lovely to stitch with.

The white rings were from playing with the dye-discharge method using Milton, then re-inserting colour in to some of them using Artbars


  1. Satsuma segments, lol! You're doing good work on those feathers.

  2. Not just the feathers that are great, but what you are doing around them too - very impressive!

  3. that's fab, im still stuck on in-the-ditch or echo quitting!


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