Saturday, 20 July 2013

Small stitches and big skies

I've been at the seaside.  Substantially cooler than London, but warm enough to sit on the beach and contemplate the big skies of East Anglia.


and do some stitching.


It was also a chance to revisit the Scallop, seen in sunshine this time


and to wonder at the interconnected threads of our lives, as I rediscovered a series of favourite book from early childhood " Orlando the Marmalade Cat" and realised that they were written and drawn in Aldeburgh.  Somehow I missed the re-issuing of these when my own children were young, so I spent a happy hour in the terrific  Aldeburgh bookshop looking at the illustrations and relating them to walks of the previous day.

It is going to be so hot in London today that I'l be flopping about listening to an archive edition of Desert Island Discs about the author Kathleen Hale.


  1. have the boys finished school? we don't finish until Wednesday lunchtime, the beach.looks the perfect place to be, wish i was with you!

  2. Orlando the Marmalade Cat. Now there is a book that I loved as a child, but until this moment had completely forgotten. We rediscovered "Harry the Dirty Dog" a few years ago, did you have them too as a kid? Off to try and track Orlando down now.


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