Tuesday, 15 January 2013

The Aldeburgh Scallop

Last year, I had a magical weekend with my husband in Aldeburgh, when we went to hear our younger son play in a a concert at the end of a music course.  The course was in Aldeburgh, so gave me a way to combine the visit with a long-term plan to visit the sculpture of The Aldeburgh Scallop

. P1080792

The sculpture proved to be as magnificent as I had hoped, and has many resonances with various points in my life such that it has been brewing into a textile project for some time. P1080797 P1080799 P1080800

I love the way that the sculpture changes as you move round it, and that the marks of the makers ( the Pegg family) are so visible on it. P1080807 P1080815

I was very pleased to come across a book written by Maggi Hambling about the process of making and installing the sculpture, " The Aldeburgh Scallop". This is a beautifully produced book and the colour photography is stunning. Well worth a read, regardless if you like Maggi Hambling's work or not, to get some insight into how public sculpture is funded.

More thoughts to add to my planning of the textile piece.

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  1. I see that and just see metal, I'm intriegued that you can see textile opportunities - looking forward o seeing the result


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