Saturday, 5 January 2013

Sketchbook snippets

Two events of last year are gradually thawing my terror of keeping a sketchbook.  The first was doing Karen Ruane's course on " An Embroiderer's Ledger" and the second was going to see and handle some of the results of " The Sketchbook Project".  It is finally getting in to my head, that it does't have to contain sketches.  That word fills me with dread and brings back memories of school art lesson tasks such as "draw your shoe".  No instruction, no introduction to colour theory, how t draw perspective, how to shade light and dark, how to use a pencil, how to mix colour, what happens with different media on different papers.  I think the teaching is much better today, judging by the results I see from my sons.

So, in that spirt, I pasted in some of the snippets of cloth from the trimming of the Kaleidoscope quilt top and played about with them………….in a sketchbook.


These snippets suggested heads with hats, emphasised by the existing little clips into the lower corners.  It is interesting that the right hand page suggests sniping and malicious gossip, while the left hand page suggests more gentle exchange, to little purpose, but enjoyable all the same.  The left hand page lines were drawn with a lovely Prismacolour pencil, really soft on the page, and flows easily from the hand.  Definitely some ideas to pursue further here.


  1. I love the scalloped stitching from the 'overleaf' page on the LHS. Both interesting! x

  2. Fabulous!
    Not being able to draw is what always puts me off!


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